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Battery - Rechargeable, clinical - FR2

Battery - Rechargeable, clinical - FR2

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Battery - Rechargeable, clinical - FR2

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Philips brand AEDs operate on batteries only. Always have a fully charged spare available.Do you use your Philips HeartStart FR2+ AED to monitor patients? Do you use your FR2+ frequently for other uses? Get this Philips HeartStart FR2+ Rechargeable Battery Pack as an alternative to the regular non-rechargeable type you're using now. It could be a less expensive choice to buying new, non-rechargeable batteries every time you use them up.

Please note: This Philips FR2+ Rechargeable Battery Pack is compatible with FR2+ defibrillators sold after 2/1/2002 only. The rechargeable battery is only compatible with software versions 1.5 or higher. All FR2 AEDs shipped after February 1, 2002, have revision 1.5 or higher software, indicated by an FR2+ designation on either the front or back label of the AED. Also, the AED screen displays the software revision at the end of a battery insertion test (BIT). To perform a BIT, simply remove and reinsert the battery and follow the screen prompts.

Important! The charger (model number M3855A) is required and is no longer available. You may use this product if you currently have, or have access to, a charger.

The battery will take no longer than 3 hours to fully charge. It should be fully charged before putting it into use.

Installation Procedure

Charge the Philips HeartStart FR2+ Rechargeable Battery Pack as per the instructions that came with the battery and the charger.
Squeeze the yellow latch on the old battery pack to release and remove it from the AED.
Make sure there are no electrode pads connected to the AED.
Hold the freshly charged Battery Pack by the yellow latch and carefully slide it into the battery cavity at the top of the AED.
Slide the Philips Rechargeable Battery Pack into the AED until you feel and hear it click into place.
Watch for your AED to commence a self test that takes approximately 90 seconds to complete. In order for your Philips HeartStart FR2+ to recognize the rechargeable battery and its present capacity, it is essential to let the battery insertion self test complete.
Always refer to your AED's Operator's Manual for complete instructions.

A note about Rechargeable Batteries: Rechargeable batteries are designed for a "high-use" environment, such as Emergency Medical and Rescue Services, and hospitals. They also require a battery charging unit, and multiple batteries (one in use, one charging per AED). If your facility is not likely to use your AED frequently, we recommend the long-life, maintenance-free, non-rechargeable lithium battery.