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AED Wall Mount and Signature Bundle - English

AED Wall Mount and Signature Bundle - English

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Item # 861477

Included in this package:

  • 1 - Wall Mount Bracket (Model # 989803170891)
  • 1 - Wall Sign (Model # 989803170921)
  • 1 - AED Awareness Placard (Model # 989803170901)
  • 4 - AED Awareness Posters (Model # 861476)

The perfect setup for your Philips AED placement. Ensure that any employee or member of the public is aware that a life-saving AED is on-site and available.

The Wall Mount Bracket is designed specifically for housing a Philips OnSite or FRx defibrillator and its accessories. The defibrillator carry case can be attached to the Wall Mount Bracket with a breakaway Secure-Pull Seal (M3859A) to discourage tampering. A broken seal indicates that the defibrillator has been removed from the Wall Mount and accessories may need to be replenished. The Fast Response Kit (68-pchat ) tucks neatly behind the Defibrillator Case.

Weight: 18.4 ounces (0.52 kg)

Raise AED awareness by putting an AED Awareness Placard above every AED located in a public area. Easy-to-understand graphics raise awareness of passers-by about how to use an AED in an emergency. Great for office settings, sports clubs, public facilities, school settings and more.

10.25 in (26 cm) w, 4.5 in (11 cm) h

Place these posters away from the AED, in break areas, copy rooms or locker rooms, anywhere that employees or members of the public can take a moment to raise their awareness about AEDs. Includes space for the AED coordinator to write-in the location of the nearest AED. Pack of four posters.

11 in (28 cm) w, 17 in (43 cm) h

An AED Wall Sign hanging above a Wall Mount Bracket or Defibrillator Cabinet gives even greater visibility to the defibrillator. Can be mounted three different ways to maximize visibility: T-mount, V-mount or Corner Mount.

Face dimensions:
9 in (23 cm) h, 6.1 in (15 cm) d

Posters, signs and placards are also available in French. If required, please specify at time of ordering.