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Perri-Med Plastic Certification Cards

Perri-Med Plastic Certification Cards

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Perri-Med Plastic Certification Cards

So you’ve successfully completed your Perri-Med training and you have received your electronic certification card via email.

Now you can cherish your achievement with a pristine Perri-Med indestructible PVC certification card with security overlay that will last 3 years!  Why not keep a copy in your wallet or purse for instant verification of your accomplishment.

Your Perri-Med indestructible certification card allows you to:

  • Keep a permanent and always crisp professional card with you at all times.
  • Present a solid certification card to your employers to instantly show your skills.

What is a personal and indestructible PVC certification certificate?

Perri-Med can custom manufacture your own personal certification card on rigid PVC with a holographic security overlay creating a crisp, secure and long lasting card to keep with you.

Your new PVC certification card is created with essential course information uniquely linked to you. When someone views your certificate, they can instantly confirm your level of training and your skills.

What is the process for requesting a PVC certificate?

Ordering your Perri-Med PVC certificate is easy. After you’ve earned a certification at a Perri-Med course, you can order your new PVC card online.  Just choose the level of certification completed in our PRO Shop and click that into your cart.  The next step is to click the Contact Us link to send the following information from your existing electronic card:   Course Number and Verification Number.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the features offered on the Perri-Med website to verify and reproduce your certification all year long:

  • Use your student portal on the Perri-Med website to view your certification 24/7 all year long.
  • Did you lose your certificate?  Well not to worry, you can go claim another one and print it out or save it as a pdf file and email it to your workplace for proof of certification instantly.
  • Need to verify your certification instantly to an employer? Not to worry, by using the information on your existing certificate, click “Verify a Certificate” on the Perri-Med website, enter your personal codes from your card and your employer can verify your training instantly online.

Are you eligible for a Perri-Med PVC certification card?

We can issue PVC certificates to all successful Perri-Med students that possess an active student portal on the Perri-Med website with valid course certification codes.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. Is there a cost associated with purchasing a practically indestructible PVC certificate with security overlay?

A. Yes. In addition to your free e-card you have already received, your new PVC certificates are custom made for you at our main office and mailed to your door.